Strand 1: Research Skills

From the first meeting of the 2014 World Class Bioscience cohort (Roslin, 26 February 2015)

Research Training 2014-2015

EASTBIO PhD projects which have begun in 2014 are designed around the four key research themes of Bioenergy and Industrial Biotechnology, Food Security, Basic Bioscience underpinning Health (Ageing) and World-class Bioscience. As part of one these thematic groups, first year students will be required to attend a 4-session theoretical training that will introduce the key areas in each theme and develop critical reading skills. The discussion-based training will allow students and supervisors to meet, whether they work in similar or complementary fields. Each theme and thematic session has a theme leader who works together with student reps to finalise the training programme and develop follow up activities for the group.

Bioenergy and Industrial Biotechnology schedule.

From the third meeting of the Bioenergy & Industrial Biotechnology cohort (Dundee, 9 April 2015)
Session 1 programme and review.
Session 2 programme and materials.
Session 3 programme.
Session 4 programme and presentation information.

Food Security schedule.
Session 1 programme, materials, venue info 1 & 2.
Session 2 programme and venue map.
Session 3 programme.
Session 4 programme.
***Please note: Second- and third-year students only are currently completing the online Food Security training. Updates about the two final sessions, in March and April here.

Bioscience for Health schedule
Session 1 programme, talk abstracts, paper 1 and paper 2Information about the venue.
Session 2 programme. Speakers Abstracts. Campus map. Articles 1 & 2 (for Frances Vaughan talk).
Session 3 programme. Journal club paper. Campus map & instructions.
Session 4 programme. Journal club paper 1 and paper 2.

World Class Bioscience schedule.

From the second meeting of the World-Class Bioscience cohort (St Andrews, 29 April 2015)

Session 1 programme.
Session 2 programme.
Session 3 programme and blurb.
Session 4 programme.

Please check this page regularly for updates on the EASTBIO Research Training or email us to join the thematic mailing list.


Research Training 2013-2014

All EASTBIO students are expected to attend 10 online Research Training sessions yearly on the priority theme within which their research is located in. Each priority area is led by a designated senior academic, who decides on the manner and content in collaboration with the supervisors within that theme. Because the area covered by the individual projects is wide, these sessions aim primarily to cover key issues and representative challenges through discussion and interaction between the supervisor leading the session and the attending students. The expectation is for the theme cohort to develop critical reading skills on the literature in the field, as well as work as a team to process information that links individual projects to major challenges and issues in the field.

Schedule 2014 for Basic Bioscience underpinning Health (Ageing). Click here for the course outline.*
Schedule 2014 for Bioenergy & Industrial Biotechnology. Click here for the Introductory Day schedule.*
Schedule 2014-2015 for Food Security [ongoing training]. Click here for the Introductory Day schedule. Click here to join the virtual classroom.
Schedule 2014 for World-Class Bioscience. Click here for the WCB Introductory Day.

The sessions are run via the Blackboard Collaborate platform, supported by the eLearning Team at the University of Aberdeen. Each theme course is launched with a face-to-face meeting and further such meetings can be organised following input by the academic leads. This is an innovative learning format, which we are currently assessing, and we expect that its second year of running in 2015 will see further adjustments and improvements.