Training Overview

The EASTBIO programme is designed to provide training for students with diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences with a set of training to enhance student understanding in bioscience, biomedical, mathematical and physical sciences, enabling students to draw on a range of technologies, skillsets and approaches to address complex biological questions. This is combined with a set of core training events and activities, and training in transferable, professional and enterprising skills, open to all our student cohorts.

EASTBIO 2019 Symposium, Dundee

The EASTBIO Training Programme is structured per year of study and covers training linked to research skills, core bioscience and transferable skills; it also includes the Professional Internships for PhD Students (PIPS) scheme for 3-month placements outwith academia, and placements as part of studentships in collaboration with a non-academic/industrial partner organisation.

The training is delivered per year of study, as follows:

Year 1: Foundation Training
Year 2: Advanced Training
Year 3: Professional Training
Year 4: Consolidation

Each link above will take you to the training page for the relevant year training.

EASTBIO training calendar 2021/22 (TBA).

We strongly advise all first-year students to consult the 2021/22 Student Handbook which contains full details pertaining to the EASTBIO Training Programme, per student cohort.

First-year students should fill in the EASTBIO Sign-up form with their choice of core, masterclasses and optional training by the end of October 2021 via an online link circulated to students during the online Induction events (11-12 October 2021). You should update the form frequently throughout your first year, with both mandatory and optional training you plan to take.

You should aim to complete training that will amount to a minimum of 120 points by the end of your first year and a total of 200 points by the end of your second year (September 2023). Part-time students and students with deferred start dates or other arrangements should discuss their training plans with their supervisors and confirm these plans with the local academic representative. The final plan should then be communicated to the EASTBIO Support Officer.

Second- and third-year students are sent yearly information and regular reminders about their training requirements by the EASTBIO Support Officer.

A copy of the updated Student Handbook is circulated to all new students and supervisors before the Induction Day.