How to apply

Recruitment 2016-2017

General information on how to apply

Applications for EASTBIO studentships are invited from excellent UK* students for projects available across our four partner institutions. To be eligible, you must either have or expect to obtain a 1st or a 2.1 undergraduate degree and fulfill the residency criteria. Please check the BBSRC eligibility criteria (esp. sections 4.1 & 4.2) here, or (section 2.9) here.

--NOW CLOSED--The deadline for applications is the 5th of December 2016. --NOW CLOSED--

To apply for an EASTBIO studentship, follow the instructions below:

1) Check the EASTBIO website for available projects and contact potential supervisors.

2) After you have discussed the project(s) of interest to you with the project supervisor(s), download the EASTBIO Reference Request Form and the EASTBIO Application Form

3) Reference Request Form - fill your name and the name of the institution(s) hosting the project(s) and send the form to two academic referees. Your referees will be directly notified by the local admissions team to provide references.

(4) Fill the EASTBIO Application Form.

(5) Use the links listed below to apply to the institution(s) hosting the project(s) of your choice. Submit the EASTBIO Application form together with your online application.

If you are interested in several projects, which are hosted by different institutions, you need to submit a separate application (including the EASTBIO Application form) to each host institution.

Links to application pages of universities hosting EASTBIO projects:

University of Aberdeen - How to apply

University of Dundee

University of Edinburgh School of Biological Sciences

University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry

University of Edinburgh College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine & The Roslin Institute 

[Please check the affiliation of the first supervisor and apply through the correct link.]

University of St Andrews

If shortlisted by the EASTBIO selection committee, you will be invited to attend an interview. The interviews will be held as follows:

Bioscience for Health:
Panel 1 - Dundee, 6-7 February 2017
Panel 2 - Dundee, 9-10 February 2017

Food Security:
Panel 1 & 2 - Aberdeen, 6-7 February 2017

Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy & CASE:
Panel 1 - St Andrews, 6-7 February 2017
Panel 2 - St Andrews, 9-10 February 2017

World Class Bioscience:
Panel 1 – Edinburgh, 6-7 February 2017
Panel 2 – Edinburgh, 9-10 February 2017

* Some EU applicants may be eligible, if you meet Research Council residency criteria.