Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

EASTBIO DTP3 has an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan with the aim of widening participation and improving the way PhD students are supported by all its partner institutions. The details of what we set out to achieve in this respect are stated below. We welcome feedback and suggestions on any aspect of our EDI Plan.


Planned Actions

Recruitment Process Improvements (WP)

We will ensure we can access excellent data. We will ensure our recruitment operates with EDI as a priority.

1) Create a centralised EDI data collation process for EASTBIO Recruitment.

2) Improve advertising text

3) Improve guidelines for recruitment panels

4) Undertake an annual recruitment survey

Programme Level EDI Training, Support and Evaluation

We will embed EDI in our training programme and evaluation.

5) Supervisor expectations policy will be adapted to include wellbeing and EDI.

6) Resilience training embedded in programme, with symposia including a wellbeing focused element

7) Create an easy to search listing of support services across the DTP

8) Annual partnership survey to include wellbeing questions

Students with Caring Responsibilities

We will move from a position of adjusting positively to individual requests to a policy position that makes carer participation easy from the outset.

(1- 8) plus

9) Role Model Profiles for under-represented groups online

10) Carers support fund for interviewees and on programme students

11) Formalise Part-Time PhD Route

12) Improve availability of online access to training

13) Develop a Best Practice Guide for Part-Time PhDs.

BAME Students

Our BAME participation is relatively low; we need to address this and will take initial actions, and develop our own research.

1-9 plus

14) Complete an Analytical report on BAME participation and then follow recommendation of that

Female Students

We have good gender balance at all levels, but research shows that there is a need to promote positive career outcomes for female PhD students.

1-9 plus

15) Implement gender balance guidelines for training and events

Disabled Students and Students with Chronic Health Conditions

We want to move from a position of adjusting positively to individual requests to making it easy from the outset.

(1-9) plus (11-13)


Students from a wide range of financial and academic backgrounds

We tend to recruit applicants with MSc plus research experience. This means we can miss good applicants who cannot afford to do this, or come to academic research through another route.

(1-9, 11, 13) plus

16) Widening Participation Research Experience Placement Programme

17) Partnering agreements with local FE/HE institutions to promote the PhD route

We are confident that we can deliver these actions because of a high level of commitment from our Management Group. To this end, the Management Group will be supported by the new role of a dedicated EASTBIO EDI Champion, Dr Jo Stevens (University of Edinburgh).

Our EDI student rep is Annamaria Wakileh.

A useful set of relevant resources on The Wellbeing Thesis, accessible to students and supervisors alike can be found here.