REP Project Reports 2023

12 undergraduate candidates undertook summer Research Experience Placements across the EASTBIO partner institutions of Aberdeen, Edinburgh and SRUC. Each student was asked to produce a report detailing their research and experience in whatever format they choose. 

 "The impact of anti-diabetic therapy on susceptibility to fungal infection" - Piotr Kruc with Professor Heather Wilson (University of Aberdeen)

"Investigation of a novel class of protozoan and fungal transmembrane proteins" - Kevin Woo with Dr Jelena Baranovic (University of Edinburgh, CSE)

Full presentation available via EASTBIO.


"Detection of virulence plasmids and antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella isolated from cattle" - Anna Amorgianou with Dr Prerna Vohra (University of Edinburgh CSE)

Project report here

"Ageing in a wild mouse population" - Isabel Entwistle with Dr Tom Little and Dr Amy Pederson (University of Edinburgh CSE)

Project report here

"A new multipartite virus" - Fergus Paterson with Dr Darren Obbard  (University of Edinburgh CSE)

Project report here

"The biological role of UTX isoforms" - Georgia Goddard with Dr Douglas Vernimmen (University of Edinburgh CMVM)

"Investigating the effect of fluid flow on musculoskeletal cell types" - Ciara McCulloch with Dr Jennifer Paxton (University of Edinburgh CMVM) 

"Understanding the pathogenesis of equine pituitary tumours" - Roddy Blackie with Dr Ruth Morgan (SRUC)

Project report here

"Long-term monitoring of survival in Trinidad birds through a mark-recapture study" - Eve Kenicer with Dr Ben Swallow (St Andrews)