Information for Current Students

How it works
Your internship should be undertaken between months 12 and 36 of your EASTBIO PhD after your first year report has been completed, ‘PIPS Planning Sheet’ approved and the ‘PIPS Internship Agreement’ completed.

How to find an internship

  • Apply to an existing internship program
  • See what internships EASTBIO has created
  • Create your own internship idea


“I was worried that I would have to fight hard to do my 'out of the ordinary', international PIPS idea but I was pleasantly surprised when the PIPS coordinator was so enthusiastic about everything.”

What are EASTBIO and the BBSRC expecting from students?
You will be expected to do the following:

  • Source a suitable internship project with a suitable internship provider in a non-academic workplace setting
  • Plan the PIPS into your PhD work in collaboration with your PhD supervisor
  • Complete all the necessary paperwork (forms, agreements, approvals etc.) for your PIPS and communicate them to EASTBIO, host university and/or organisation, in accordance with milestones and deadlines set out in the PIPS Student Guide
  • Engage with your PIPS provider professionally when you are developing your PIPS project
  • Carry out and complete a PIPS of suitable length and scope, whilst adopting a professional behavior in the organisation
  • Report on the outcomes of your PIPS to EASTBIO and BBSRC according to the requirements set out in the PIPS Student Guide.


For further questions about the above, please contact EASTBIO Training and Industry Engagement Manager, Dr Caroline Pope.


“Thanks to PIPS I am no longer worried about my future career – rather I feel I have found a potential career with all the aspects of research that I like but without the academic setting which I find difficult to work in. I continue to do my PhD with new found enthusiasm – a nice consequence of my PIPS that I had never foreseen."