Funding opportunities within EASTBIO

We fund PhD Studentships in Bioscience

Since 2012 EASTBIO DTP has recruited eight cohorts of students with core funding from the BBSRC coupled with additional funding from each of the four partner universities.

If you are interested in PhD studentships...

How it works:

If you are a student...

EASTBIO studentships are awarded on the basis of specific PhD projects advertised in the autumn of each year. These projects are mapped on the BBSRC four priority areas - Agriculture and Food Security, Bioscience for Health, Industrial Biotechnology & Bioenergy and World Class Underpinning Bioscience - and on the basis of the quotas allocated to each partner university, as they reflect each university's research strengths.

Before you apply, you will have to look at the available projects, searchable by 'Research Theme' and 'Partner Institution'. Each project proposed by one or more supervisors, based at a partner university, outlines its central hypothesis, methodology and aims.

Before you apply for an EASTBIO studentship, read carefully our guidance on how to apply.

If you are a supervisor...

If you are a prospective EASTBIO supervisor based in one of the EASTBIO partner institutions, please submit your PhD project proposal as instructed in the 'Call for projects' circulated by the EASTBIO Management Group locally around the end of each summer.

Current project call (to be advertised in late summer 2019)

Your project must be within BBSRC remit, and you will need to identify which of our research themes you would like your student to be part of. We are very keen to encourage projects which are interdisiplinary, collaborations between supervisors across the partnership, or with industry involvement. Projects must be focused on providing an excellent training opportunity and have a realistic timeframe for completion within around 36 months (this allows time for the student to undertake required training, complete a compulsory non-academic internship - PIPS or industrial placement - and to write up the final thesis).

Please note: Supervisors may not lead an EASTBIO studentship project in two consecutive years.

If you wish to nominate an applicant for your PhD project, you should complete and submit a brief Support Statement after having met the candidate. If you would like to consult an applicant's references, please note that we have requested applicants to use the EASTBIO Reference form. Our application forms are reviewed annually.

In proposing a project, supervisors are commiting to actively support their student’s development, as outlined above. They are also committing to attend the EASTBIO Induction (Dundee, early October) and Annual Symposia (early June), and to participate in the provision of training in the BBSRC strategic priority areas (thematic group training) to which their student’s project is aligned.

Please email EASTBIO if you have any questions about the current project call or the recruitment process.

If you are interested in undergraduate placements, please read here.