EASTBIO Symposia

About the EASTBIO Symposia

EASTBIO group photo - Edinburgh central campus, 12 June 2018 (Annual Symposium)

The tenth annual EASTBIO Symposium on Bioscience Research will be held in Edinburgh on the 9-10th of June 2022 - this will be a face-to-face/hybrid event. The programme is designed by our second- and first-year student reps with academic guidance by Dr Sam Miller (University of Aberdeen) and support from the EASTBIO team.

Details of the 2022 Symposium can be found here.

Key feature of the EASTBIO Generic Skills Training, the EASTBIO Symposium, held every summer in one of the four partner universities, is student-led and its focus alternates between research and research impact, on society, policy and industry.

The EASTBIO Symposia provide a great opportunity for students to meet fellow students, supervisors, the members of our Management Group and Advisory team and invited speakers, discuss their research and develop additional transferable skills. The programme, developed with the help of student representatives from the second and first year of their PhD studies, combines talks given by guest speakers within the four key research themes with workshops and students' presentations to develop and consolidate transferable and public engagement skills.

Past EASTBIO Symposia

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2020 Symposium - deferred for 2021 due to COVID-19
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