EASTBIO Symposium 2016

The second EASTBIO annual Symposium on bioscience research was held in St Andrews on Monday 13 - Tuesday 14 June 2016.

We were honoured to have as our keynote speakers Professor Nicola S. Clayton with artist Clive Wilkins, and Professor Luke Alphey.

Find more details about Nicola Clayton and Clive Wilkins via their blog site The Captured Thought!

St Andrews map. Click here for practical information about the Symposium.

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Click here for the final Symposium programme:

As the topic of this year's symposium is on bioscience, each student cohort is asked to present their research in a variety of formats:

1st-years: a 2-min summary of their research
2nd-years: a 10-min presentation of their research
3rd-years: poster presentations (research & PIPS)
4th-years: a panel discussion, based on a small number of 10-min talks on students' research experiences


From the poster presentation session at the 2016 EASTBIO Symposium

Massive thanks to our student reps - Dave, Selma (both pictured in the photo, below, on the right), Scott, Ara and their second year colleagues - who have superbly designed, organised and delivered an enjoyable, rewarding EASTBIO Symposium.