EASTBIO DTP Committees


Following the EASTBIO DTP Mid-Term Review, we overhauled the DTP governance structure by setting up separate subcommittees. Each aims to address a specific aspect of the programme (EDI, industry engagement, recruitment, training & development). Each committee includes a minimum of  one Management Group member and one Student Representative (and reserves), and will be reporting regularly to the EASTBIO Management Group.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion subcommittee
Chair: Dr Thomas Otto (St Andrews)
Deputy Chair 1: Dr Toni Dismore (SRUC)
Deputy Chair 2: Dr Maria Filippakopoulou  
Lead Student rep: Jack Horne
Deputy Student Reps: EDI student representatives

Industry Engagement Group
Chair: Dr Ian Archer   
Deputy Chair: Professor Eileen Wall   
Lead Student Rep: Yuxin Shen
Deputy Student Reps: Cristina Ponce LillyBarbara De Queiroz Monteiro BlackEmilien KrempfMarta ChronowskaChumeng ZhuAlice Catanzaro

Recruitment subcommittee
Chair: Dr Sam Miller
Deputy Chair: Dr Jo Stevens
Lead Student Rep:  Cristina Ponce Lilly
Deputy Student Rep: Max Charles VallarinoMarta ChronowskaAlice Catanzaro

Training and Development subcommittee
Chair: Dr Edgar Huitema  
Deputy Chair: Dr Craig Simpson 
Lead Student Rep: Rosie Gallagher
Deputy Student Reps: Benjamin ThompsonAndrew NicollCathrine BaungaardChumeng Zhu