EASTBIO Induction Day

Induction Day 2019 

The EASTBIO Induction was held in Dundee, West Park Conference Centre (319, Perth Road, Dundee DD2 1NN), on Tuesday the 8th of October. We thank our speakers, Dr Caroline Pope (EASTBIO Placement Coordinator) and Dr Gerold Baier (UCL) for their presentations and interactions with students and supervirors, as well as our second-year student reps - Ana Rozman, Amy Cooper, Alysha Knight and Liat Adler - who helped with the Q&A and the break-out sessions.

Induction included a Training Day, with a Foundation Masterclass on "Statistics and Experimental Design", delivered by Dr Margo Chase-Topping (same venue, 9 of October, 9:00-13:00). The two-day event was attended by all new students and the majority of supervisors.

Speed-dating session at the 2019 Induction Day

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Thanks to all our new PhD students and their supervisors for making the Induction 2019 (Dundee, 8th of October) such a memorable day - an unbroken tradition, in this respect. Warmest thanks go to our student reps - Alysha, Ana, Amy and Liat - for their generosity and helpfulness. Initial connections made in Dundee are bound to deepen!

Dr Gerold Baier (UCL) - Introduction to SysMIC (Dundee, 8 October 2019) 

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EASTBIO Induction Day (general)

Each October, fully matriculated EASTBIO students are expected to attend a day of Induction hosted by one of the EASTBIO partners. This event officially launches the EASTBIO training programme for the new intake. A series of talks and workshops provide a comprehensive introduction to key aspects of the partnership. Break-out sessions enable students and supervisors in each of the four priority areas to discuss the specifics of their research, common ground between the different projects, opportunities for furthering collaboration and expectations and provisions for the theme training sessions.