Enterprise and Industry Skills

The UK bioscience industry offers a diverse range of employment opportunities that require researchers to display the necessary skills and experience in order to successfully transition from academia into industry and other bioscience-related non-research careers. To achieve this vision, the EASTBIO enterprise skills training component of our programme supports your development by exposing students wishing to gain knowledge, skills and experience of industry to business, commercial, entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

We will publish details of enterprise and industry-based skills training that we have been developing in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders, IBioIC, SULSA, Turing Institute, Edinburgh Innovation.

Provider Title Date Time Delivery Link
IBioIC Working with Industry   24-Oct-23 9:30-14:30 In Person Email
IBioIC How to Interpret a Patent  23-Nov-23 9:30-12:00 In Person Email
IBioIC Marketing Yourself  8-Dec-23 10:00-14:00 Online Delivery Email
IBioIC Careers Opportunity after a Science Degree   July 3 Hours  Online Delivery Email
IBioIC Chemical Engineering for Biotechnology July 2 Days  In Person Email
SULSA Industry Academia Conference 14-15th Nov     Link
SULSA Forging Futures Schemes Deadline: 9th October     Link
Turing Turing Connections Initiative       Link
Turing Enrichment Scheme       Link
Turing Online Platform       Link
Turing Turing Commons       Link
Turing Mendelian Randomisation       Link
Turing Omics       Link
Turing Turing Interest Groups       Link
Turing Turing Lectures       Link
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