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2 Apr 2020

Jennifer Wardle, a fourth-year EASTBIO student at the University of Aberdeen, has been working with Professor Jo Smith on the project "Resolving conflict between demands on organic waste in rural Ethiopia - Optimum solutions for food, energy and water security". 

During the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, Jennifer has produced a short animation on "Genet's new biogas digester". This an animation summary about her research topic, involving small-scale biogas production in rural Ethiopia. It shows the need for inter-disciplinary approaches to address the main challenges in her research project, as with many of the world’s problems. It was also a good way to escape her usual PhD routine while still being constructive.

Enjoy the video on the link below:


3 Mar 2020

On the 5th March 2020, EASTBIO first-year PhD student Eddie Martin organised a concert with a difference. The performers? Researchers in the fields of Biological Sciences and/or Music. Their instruments? Computer programming languages. The audience? Enjoying a healthy mix of inspiration, entertainment, and bemusement.

Eddie Martin introducing the event (5 March 2020, Edinburgh, 50, George Square)

This event welcomed all to the diverse and overlapping worlds of sonification, algorithmic music composition, and live-coding/algorave. I will now interrupt this article for some basic definitions:

Sonficiation – Turning data to (non-speech) sound. Think heart-rate monitors or Geiger counters.

Algorithmic Music Composition – Writing music using an algorithm with minimal human input. (Mozart used grids and dice. Nowadays we use computer programming languages.)