Research Experience Placements

Widening Participation Research Experience Placements 2023


EASTBIO invites proposals by academics based in partner institutions to host undergraduate students for a lab placement in June-July 2023. We welcome queries and applications by students for advertised projects.

Please read the detailed guidance which also includes the Application form.

Closing date for applications:

18 April 2023
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Outcome notification by end of April 2023

For queries, please email EASTBIO.

REP Scheme 2022

EASTBIO DTP has awarded REP funding to ten undergraduate students in their first or second year of studies to do a lab placement at various DTP partner institutions:

Flora Alapy to work on "Characterising the skeletal muscle gene expression signature when exercise is performed concomitant with metformin treatment" (Bioscience for an integrated understanding of Health) with Dr Brendan Gabriel (University of Aberdeen)

Thomas Gillen  to work on "Making biological tools to facilitate cell-based assays in investigating Bet-protein degradation using PROTACs" (Bioscience for an integrated understanding of Health) with Professor Alessio Ciulli and Dr Selma Cabrita Gulyurtlu (University of Dundee)

Nerea Caro Guerrero to work on "Investigating the impact of abiotic stresses on the efficacy of single-strand DNA-mediated precision gene editing" (Understanding the Rules of Life) with Dr Attila Molnar (University of Edinburgh - CSE)

Elizabeth Hanson to work on "Identification of co-evolutionary relationships between coral hosts and their microbiomes" (Understanding the Rules of Life) with Dr Marius Wenzel (University of Aberdeen)

Piotr Kruc to work on "Rescuing deficits in interneuron distribution in a rat model of Fragile X Syndrome" (Bioscience for an integrated understanding of Health) with Dr Sam Booker (University of Edinburgh - CMVM)

Anna McAllister to work on "The use of the blood-feeding mite Dermanyssus gallinae in poultry disease detection" (Bioscience for sustainable agriculture and food) with Dr Francesca Nunn (MRI)

Jamie McCulloch to work on "Developing a novel litter treatment to reduce microbial loads in chicken bedding" (Bioscience for sustainable agriculture and food) with Dr Naomi Fox (SRUC)

Laura Scott to work on "The role of hepatic insulin clearance in equine metabolic syndrome" (Bioscience for sustainable agriculture and food) with Dr Ruth Morgan (SRUC)

Tristan Sones-Dykes to work on "Integrative analysis of epigenetic gene regulation to support the translation of methylation sequencing studies" (Bioscience for an integrated understanding of Health) with Professor Andy Lynch (University of St Andrews)

Jennie Yang to work on "An evaluation of novel signaling lipid binders" (Understanding the Rules of Life) with Dr David Murray (University of Dundee)


Successful REP award recipients were asked to attend a mandatory two-day residential Induction event, Swimming Research Waters in Dundee, Monday 30th to Tuesday 31st May 2022. REP Supervisors have also joined us at the event, where REP students interacted with senior academics, current and former EASTBIO students and the EASTBIO team.

The ten EASTBIO REP award recipients 2022 joined the EASTBIO Induction event on the 30-31 May in Dundee to discuss what it means to do a PhD, and share the experiences of being an EASTBIO-funded student by conversing with first-year students, EASTBIO alumni and alumna, as well as with EASTBIO supervisors and guest speakers.

We have been honoured to experience first hand and in person the passion for science, the knowledge, engagement and empathy of all our stakeholders who shared insights, reflections and information with these talented prospective researchers, about to go on their lab placements at EASTBIO partner institutions.

Confirmed speakers included:

Professor Carol MacKintosh (Dundee)

Dr Sam Miller (Aberdeen)

Dr Fiona M. Mitchell (Research and Innovation Services, University of Dundee)



Also, EASTBIO Alumni, shown below in conversation:

Dr Lucas Jesús Morales Moya (Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel, Switzerland)

Dr Mark Moseley (University of Aberdeen)

Current EASTBIO students Amy Newell (Edinburgh), Shannon Richardson (St Andrews), Sau Yee Tsoi (Edinburgh), and Charlotte Winspear (James Hutton Institute, Edinburgh) answered questions from REP recipients on the 30th of May.

The Induction concluded with a comprehensive discussion with REP project supervisors and members of the EASTBIO Management Group, Dr Edgar Huitema (Dundee) and Dr Sam Miller (Aberdeen).