EASTBIO Symposium 2020

-- This event is now deferred --

Following the deferral decision due to the oubreak of COVID-19, the EASTBIO Management Group advised to hold this Symposium in Edinburgh in early June 2021 with the same topic - Societal Impact of Bioscience Research - to enable the organisers to deliver on the sessions they have planned. Further updates will be published on our website.

The ninth EASTBIO Annual Symposium, on the Societal Impact of Bioscience Research, will be held in the University of St Andrews, Biological and Medical Sciences Building (11-12 June 2020). Our reps, representing second- and first-year students, will help devise a programme of talks and activities around the focus on societal impact of research.

Lively poster session at the 2019 EASTBIO Symposium

There will be a social event, including a Symposium dinner (Lower College Hall) and a Ceilidh dance (Upper College Hall) on the 11 June. Participants will be offered free single-occupancy accommodation with breakfast at the Agnes Blackadder Hall.

Science pub quizz snapshot at the 2019 Symposium