Training Overview

The EASTBIO Training Programme is structured per year of study and covers training linked to research skills, core bioscience and transferable skills, as well as the Professional Internships for PhD Students (PIPS) scheme and the Industrial CASE studentships.

EASTBIO 2019 Symposium, Dundee, 2019

The training is delivered per year of study, as follows:

Year 1: Foundation Training
Year 2: Advanced Training
Year 3: Professional Training
Year 4: Consolidation

Each link above will take you to the training page for the relevant year training.

EASTBIO training calendar 2019-20 (calendar is currently updated).

First-year students should fill in the EASTBIO Training Plan and Record form with their choice of Masterclasses and other core training by Monday the 21 October 2019 via an online link we will provide here shortly and circulate to the student cohorts. You should update the form frequently throughout the first year, with EASTBIO or optional non-EASTBIO training, and at the end of the academic year. EASTBIO issues relevant training notifications and reminders and monitors the information on your Plan against training attendance records. At the end of the first year, each student receives a notification regarding their fulfilment of the EASTBIO Training Requirement (please consult the current Student Handbook).

Second- and third-year students are sent yearly information and regular reminders about their Training Plan & Record requirements by the EASTBIO Administrator.

A copy of the updated Handbook is handed out to all new students and supervisors at Induction Day. Email us if you want a copy of the current Handbook. For past handbooks you can check here.