Year 2: Advanced Training

Year 2 comprises the following training elements:


Please note: Following a decision by the EASTBIO Management Group on 29 August 2018, failure to attend EASTBIO mandatory training without proper notification as to the reasons for it, communicated to supervisor(s) and the EASTBIO administrator may entail a financial penalty to recover costs incurred by EASTBIO DTP and partner institutions. The penalty will take the form of a reduction to the student RTSG for the following year to the sum of £100 per one-day training events (thematic group meetings and transferable skills workshops); see our Cancellation Policy at the 2018-19 Student Handbook.

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2018-19 EASTBIO Training calendar (all cohorts) - please note that some details (highlighted in yellow) are TBC.

Advanced core bioscience skills (optional)

Some of the optional courses under (I) and (II) below aim to build on the skills developed in Year 1 through the foundation masterclasses; such courses are open to Year 2, as well as Year 3 cohorts.

(I) Mathematics and data analysis

(II) Multidisciplinary approaches to understanding biological systems

  • Synthetic Biology
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Drug Discovery
  • Chemical Biology
  • Physical Techniques in Chemistry

We are currently updating these details with our partner universities, so do check the page regularly for updates or email EASTBIO if you wish to register your interest in any of the above.

Transferable skills: 2 workshops on Leadership and on Science Communication (mandatory for second-year students)

1 Leadership – Using an enterprising mind set to get things done

Leadership workshop - Dundee, 14 November 2018

Date: 14 November 2018, 10.00 – 16.00
Venue: Tower Building, Level 9, River Room 3, University of Dundee (campus map)
Course leader: Dr Mhairi Towler (University of Dundee)

Leadership workshop 2017

What our students said about this training in previous years we run it...

"Enjoyed the workshop application to real event (EASTBIO symposium)."

"There was a good atmosphere and it overall an enjoyable day. I particularly liked the personality tests."

"Great workshop. The course leader was a great facilitator. Probably the best workshop I have been on during my PhD so far. Thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Although the personality tests were engaging, some of the participants were sceptical of their use."


"It was fun working in groups within our cohort of our own choice and working to design an event. It gave us a chance to chat in a group and get to know each other, while also bouncing ideas off each other and allowing us to fall into the natural roles that we're good at within a team."

"I found particularly interesting the personality test to discover some characteristics of my personality that I didn't acknowledge and I can understand better the role I can play in a work group."

"The idea to aim for an event really helped focus ideas and made it good fun to discuss with fellow eastbio students. It helped introduce me to students I had not previously met at other eastbio events too."

2 Science Communication – "Telling Tales: The Importance of Narrative in Science" (mandatory)
Date: 13 March 2019, 9:30 (10.00 start)–17:00.
Venue: Dalhousie Building, Room 2S15, Dundee
Event leader: Dr Jonathan Pettitt
Summary (draft)

Students are asked to bring their laptop or a tablet for this workshop.

What our students said about this training in previous years we run it...

2017-18 (focus of training on story-telling)
"I enjoyed the concept of "The Premise". That is my take-home message and I feel will make my presentation better."

"The take-home message from the workshop was quite good and will help me make better presentations and explain my work."

"Very interesting to see how to craft a story generally and then how this relates to telling a scientific story. Something I was already aware of, but really enjoyed it regardless. Probably my favourite and most applicable Eastbio training event."

"The energy the course was delivered with was very inspiring."

"I think the workshop gave one -good - message and the group activity was meant to re-enforce it. I think it could have been more productive if the activity had been shorter with the remaining time invested in giving more tips for science communication."

2016-17 (focus of training on public outreach)

"Informal, very approachable presenters"

"The public engagement event for British Science week was very enjoyable"

"I really enjoyed the speed science event. It is always useful to learn about different techniques for improving your ability to engage with the public, but it was incredibly useful to actually put this into practice. I think this was especially useful for those of us (like myself) who have not had much public engagement experience - being 'forced' to have a go has really given me the confidence to sign up for more opportunities like this in the future!"

 Thematic Research Skills training (mandatory 1 out of 4 annual meetings in 2018-19)
As second-year students, you will have undergone research training relevant to your research priority area offered in Year 1. However, we expect you to attend at least one of the four thematic group meetings delivered in 2018-2019 and contribute to the interactions of the group during the meeting(s). We will add your name and email on your thematic group mailing list so that you will receive information and updates about these meetings.

Please check here for updates on the thematic training schedules - we hope that we will publish basic details for each thematic meeting after the Induction, with further details to be updated in due time.

Contact EASTBIO for any questions you may have about the above training.