Year 3: Professional Training

Year 3 comprises the following basic elements:

  1. Professional Internships for PhD Students (Year 3; mandatory);
    CASE placements
    PIPS & CASE Q&A event (Dundee, 4 February 2020), featuring presentations by students who share their PIPS or CASE experiences.
  2. Residential Student Retreat (mandatory) - NOW CANCELLED; there will be an online workshop offered to 3rd-year students, 8th April 2020, 14:30 – 17:00pm; details TBC 
  3. Advanced core bioscience skills (optional)


2019/20 Calendar of all EASTBIO Training Activities

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Poster session - Dundee, EASTBIO 2019 Symposium

2 EASTBIO Residential Student Retreat: Firbush, 8-10 April 2020 - NOW CANCELLED/ Alternative online workshop offered on the 8 April

Third-year students are offered the alternative of attending an online workshop, “Digital profiles and presenting your skillset”, delivered by Dr Jo Young (The Scientific Editing Company) in lieu of the cancelled Retreat.

8 April 2020, 14:30 – 17:00

Schedule of online workshop

To access the virtual session on Blackboard Collaborate, click here.

BC is supported by Google Chrome, but not Internet Explorer. You can access the session anytime from 14:00 on the 8th of April and make sure that your audio & video settings are checked. Dr Jo Young and the EASTBIO Administrator will be available to help at the start of the session, from 2pm.


This event is mandatory for third-year students; students from other cohorts are welcome to join.

Schedule 2020 here (incl. details of travel).

About the event

EASTBIO provides funding and support to student representatives to organise a 3rd-year Student Retreat at the Firbush Point Outdoor Centre, located on the south shore of Loch Tay near Killin. The retreat gives students ample chance to relax via a range of outdoor activities, as well as the opportunity to discuss research, future career plans and staying in touch with us after graduation.

Info for students

Declaration form (to be completed and brought along to the Centre)

What did students say about the Retreat in previous years...


"The chance to do a long hike with others in the group."
"A proper brain break, and getting to know the cohort better."
"Freedom to choose activities."
"The retreat is a fantastic idea and really helped de-stress us all. I never saw anyone looking at their laptop to do work.
"The retreat is a fantastic idea and really helped de-stress us all. I never saw anyone looking at their laptop to do work."



"Doing the outdoor activities was great bonding and also a refreshing change from day to day life.
The presentations from past Eastbio students. It's always good to be given advice from someone who has been through the same thing."
"It was good to discuss research and other aspects of PhD life with other students and the invited postdocs in an informal setting."
"I liked that we could choose group activities that we all wanted to do independently and different groups could do several different things at once, and if there was nothing available we could go off independently."
"Very small group, it might have been more beneficial if more of the cohort attended."
"The retreat was really good and it was nice to catch up with fellow eastbio students. It's a shame not more people came though and I think perhaps if they were made to pay a deposit less people would have dropped out. I think it was really beneficial and hopefully the next cohort will be more willing to participate."


Past events:

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