Year 3: Professional Training

EASTBIO supports your transition to the final year, when you will be working to complete your PhD research and finish your thesis. Year 3 comprises the following basic elements:

  1. Professional Internships for PhD Students (Year 3; mandatory);
    CASE placements
    You will have attended, during your first year, the EASTBIO Placements Q&A event, also featuring presentations by students who share their PIPS or CASE experiences. Email EASTBIO to discuss your plans or for any queries.
  2. Making the Most of your Final Year mandatory workshop (9 December 2022, King's Buildings campus, Edinburgh) - the workshop is also open to fourth-year students.
  3. Advanced core bioscience skills (optional)


2022/23 Calendar of all EASTBIO Training activities (TBC)

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Poster session - Dundee, EASTBIO 2019 Symposium

All EASTBIO students are expected to broaden their horizons during their PhD by actively engaging with organisations external to EASTBIO, which offer diverse Bioscience training opportunities.

  • Workshops available via your local Institution include Viva Survivor, GradSchool Plan, The Funding Landscape and Writing Your First Fellowship Applications, Thesis Writing.
  • BBSRC expects PhD students to carry out some teaching as part of their PhD studies. The EASTBIO Institutions support tutors and demonstrators teaching and marking by offering orientation courses for new or relatively new teachers, enhanced development courses for more experienced teachers, and support for gaining teaching accreditation.
  • The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is an annually run research communication competition that requires doctoral researchers to compete to effectively explain their research to a non-specialist audience in three minutes with one slide. The competition enables participants to share their research and develop their presentation skills, as well as competing for a prize fund and the chance to compete in the UK and Universitas 21 competitions. The competition starts with School Level Heats, which normally take place in March. Training entitled ‘3 Minute Thesis Competition Preparation Workshop’ is provided for anyone interested in taking part in the competition, and the University finalists are offered specialist training in presentation and voice coaching, as well as effective slide design. The final is also live web-streamed and recorded and you can view previous competitions on the University’s YouTube channel.
  • League of European Research Universities (LERU) Doctoral Summer School.


Enterprise Skills

Industry-linked bioscience virtual innovation hubs recommended by EASTBIO include those listed below, which offer networking events, conferences, career support, webinars and resources. Events may have a small charge associated with them, which will need to be covered by you from your RTSG. Registration details are available on the websites. Below are some indicative suggestions:


As UKRI BBSRC-funded students, you are also encouraged to engage with BBSRC-initiated training and external professional development opportunities as an important element of your transferable and scientific skills training. These include but are not limited to the following: