Year 4: Consolidation

In 2021/22, we offer final-year students the following optional workshop to help them better prepare for the aftermath of graduation. This course has been also offered to third-year students.

Make the most of your final year (online, 16 September 2021, 10:00-16:00)
If you are interested in joining third-year students who will be attending this workshop, please register by emailing EASTBIO by the end of August. A link will be sent directly to students who will have registered by that date.

We would also encourage you to take part in the EASTBIO Symposium (Edinburgh, 9-10 June 2022) either as a facilitator, or to share your experiences as a finishing student. If you are interested, please contact the student reps.

In the final year of your PhD, we expect you to focus on finishing your research project and writing up your thesis.

With the end in sight, make sure that you know what is expected of you in terms of thesis formatting, submission and examination procedures and regulations.

  • If you are still finding it difficult to get into a regular writing habit, consider attending a writing retreat.
  • Ensure you know the standards required for your thesis. Become an expert proof reader!
  • Prepare as best you can for the viva examination.
  • Continue to build a plan for your career post-degree.
  • Although this can be a stressful time, do still plan for breaks and taking time out for yourself.


Past training

1 Making the most of your final year - Edinburgh, November 2019 & 2020


What students said about the workshop in previous years:


"The small group, lots of individual attention and skills exercises."

"The speaker was great. Really useful advice and a good chance to reflect on how to get the most of this year."

"Flexibility in the content provided."


"Disscusion of planning to write papers and fellowship application. I thought the speaker giving the course was excellent, and had lots of useful advice and answered all questions well."

"Perhaps a bit more emphasis on self-reflection so that decision of what to do after PhD would become clearer (not just what I want to do but also what I can)."

"Workshop was very well presented, providing useful and relevant information. Was useful to hear about the course leader’s experiences moving through academia then starting a company. Has helped me understand what I should be focusing on in final year."

2 Post-graduation Skills - St Andrews, Lower College Hall, 6 March 2020


What our students said about the workshop in previous years:


"I found it really helpful to go over what we should and shouldn't do at interviews and the questions that are likely to come up."

"Engaging leader, group tasks."

"Looking at and discussing different types of CVs. Meeting the other PhD students also about to finish."

"Enjoyed tips to make your CV stand out & advice on covering letters writing."

"It was useful to hear abou the different ways to approach writing a CV, and how academic CVs differ to non-academic CVs."

"Very useful at this point to do."

"Good advice - make a 'master' CV."

"Whether you want a career in academia or not, still go on it's very useful!"