Year 4: Consolidation

In Year 4, which is when you should be completing your PhD, you will be attending two career workshops, tailored-made for EASTBIO students and reviewed annualy in line with the student feedback we ask at the completion of each training. Although these are not mandatory in acknowledgment of your prioritising writing up and submitting your thesis on time, we hope that most of you will want to take advantage of these workshops. In 2019-2020, these are:

Click on each workshop title for further details - please note that some details are yet to be confirmed by the training leader. We will ask you to confirm your attendance and special requirements in advance of the training to guarrantee the smooth delivery of each training.

1 Making the most of your final year

Date: 13 November 2019
Venue: Edinburgh
Course leader: Dr Jo Young
Summary TBC

What did our students say about the workshop in previous years we run it:


"I enjoyed meeting up with fellow students and discussing how things are going. It’s always useful to hear about the progress of others and also discuss any difficulties/issues were are concerned about. The course leader was a great presenter and took time to answer everyone’s questions. The post-PhD careers advice was useful."

"Disscusion of planning to write papers and fellowship application. I thought the speaker giving the course was excellent, and had lots of useful advice and answered all questions well."

"Perhaps a bit more emphasis on self-reflection so that decision of what to do after PhD would become clearer (not just what I want to do but also what I can)."

"Workshop was very well presented, providing useful and relevant information. Was useful to hear about the course leader’s experiences moving through academia then starting a company. Has helped me understand what I should be focusing on in final year."

"Could have been a bit more on alternative careers to academia."


"I thought it was good how the workshop was tailored to our individual career plans. It was also useful to hear more detail on the academic career path as I feel this sometimes gets neglected among the other potential careers available to us."

"I had very little knowledge on the uses of social media in searching for a position/selling yourself, so for me that was the major benefit."

2 Post-graduation Skills

Date: 6 March 2020, 9:30 (10:00 start)-13:00
Venue: Lower College Hall, University of St Andrews
Course leader: Dr Bhavya Rao (St Andrews Careers Centre)

To register, please go to the link below no later than 5pm on Monday 21 October 2019.

What did our students say about the workshop in previous years we run it:

"Enjoyed tips to make your CV stand out & advice on covering letters writing."

"It was useful to hear abou the different ways to approach writing a CV, and how academic CVs differ to non-academic CVs."

"Very useful at this point to do"

"Good advice - make a 'master' CV"

"Whether you want a career in academia or not, still go on it's very useful!"


"Being able to chat with others about their desired careers and thinking about the pros and cons of the different types of careers.'

"Nice to see other students in the same boat. If I wasn't so aware about what I want to do next, this would have highlighted some good options."

"Good resources highlighted. Not too long + well structured."