Dynamic changes in the RNA-protein interactome during stress, development and disease

SupervisorsDavid TollerveyTony Ly

Project description:

Functional interactions between RNAs and proteins underpin gene expression and defects in RNA-protein interactions form the basis of numerous human diseases. RNA binding proteins have important functions at all steps in gene expression, including transcription, RNA processing and mRNA translation, as well as in viral defence mechanisms.


Delivery of Raman active nanoparticles to dopaminergic neurons to investigate age-related protein aggregation

Supervisors: Prof. Alison Hulme, Dr Tilo Kunath, Dr Mathew Horrocks

Project Description:

This project will investigate age-associated protein aggregation within neurons using Raman active ‘loaded’ nanoparticles delivered both to human dopaminergic neurons in culture, and into the brain of a genetic rat model that has α-synuclein aggregation.