Training Strand 2 Options for June 2014

Booking is now open for two bioinformatics short courses in Edinburgh this June.

R/Bioconductor and Unix * 10th-12th June * 10:00-17:00 *
Course Leader: Dr Simon Tomlinson
Booking Link:

This course focuses on the analysis of gene expression data from microarray and high-throughput sequencing platforms, using R, Bioconductor and Unix: data analysis approaches, principles and common pitfalls; an introduction to R, Bioconductor and other resources for data analysis; analysis of microarray gene expression data and of next-generation sequencing data (RNA-seq). Day 3 is an optional session for attendees to drop in and work through problems with support from Simon.

Introduction to Python * 23rd-27th June * 09:00-17:00*
Course Leader: Dr Martin Jones
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Python is a dynamic, readable language that is a popular platform for all types of bioinformatics work, from simple one-off scripts to large, complex software projects. This course is aimed at complete beginners and assumes no prior programming experience. It gives an overview of the language with an emphasis on practical problem-solving, using examples and exercises drawn from various aspects of bioinformatics work. The course is structured so that the parts of the language most useful for bioinformatics are introduced as early as possible, and that students can start writing plausibly-useful programs after the first few sessions. After completing the course, students should be in a position to (1) apply the skills they have learned to tackle problems in their own research and (2) continue their Python education in a self-directed way.

Who should take this course? Those with a background in biology who want to learn programming.

Prerequisites: Students should have enough biological/bioinformatics background to appreciate the examples and exercise problems (i.e. they should know what a protein accession number, BLAST report, and FASTA sequence is). No previous programming experience or computer skills (beyond the ability to use a text editor) are necessary.

Please note that you must be able to attend all 5 days of this course to take part.