SysMIC module 1 (2015): Places available

Places are still available for SysMIC, an online course in systems biology.

The course provides introductory and advanced training in maths and computing, based around biological examples. Participants will gain an understanding of programming MATLAB to model and simulate biological systems and the R package to run statistical analysis of results.

Every topic includes code examples, exercises and quizzes, with hands-on support provided by online tutors.

There are three modules available to study, each lasting six months and requiring about five hours work per week.

1 - Basic Skills

2 - Advanced topics and applications

3 - Project work

You can find the full course details here.

We issue a suggested schedule to help participants complete in 6 months, in time for certification, but the deadlines are flexible as SysMIC is a self-directed course.

Module 1 for the spring 2015 cohort started on the 20th of April 2015.  The next cohort will be around October/November 2015.

For more info, email Hannah Lawrence, SysMIC​ Administrator.