How it works if you are a supervisor

The call for EASTBIO PhD projects for 2017-2018 is now open. The deadline for submitting a project proposal to is the 19th September 2016.

Please email EASTBIO if you have any questions about the process.

General information to PIs:

If you are a prospective EASTBIO supervisor based in one of the partner institutions, please submit your PhD project proposal as instructed in the Call for projects circulated by the EASTBIO Management Group locally.

Your project must be within BBSRC remit, and you will need to identify which of our research themes you would like your student to be part of. We are very keen to encourage projects which are interdisiplinary or collaborations between supervisors across the partnership or with industry involvement. Projects must be focused on providing an excellent training opportunity and have a realistic timeframe for completion within around 36 months (this allows time for the student to undertake required training, complete a compulsory non-academic internship, and to write up the final thesis).

Please note: Supervisors may not lead an EASTBIO studentship project in two consecutive years.

As an EASTBIO supervisor, you will be expected to contribute to our training programme and take part in Induction and Annual Symposium events. We also very much encourage EASTBIO supervisors to let us know of training they think we could usefully be providing for their students.

If you are nominating your preferred applicant for an EASTBIO project, please complete this support statement for their application and email to your local university admissions staff.

Support Statement