EASTBIO student's study on BBC

Audrey Henderson, second-year EASTBIO students is to see the study she's been working on with Dr Ross Whitehead (University of St Andrews) on the BBC this week. Read below for more details on a study wishing to encourage healthy eating habits by making its correlation with skill colour ovious.

The BBC commissioned a study tracking 10 individuals over a 6 week period. During this time the participants had their normal diet supplemented with 2 extra portions of vegetables (carrot juice and peppers). We found that this healthy dietary addition led to a healthier looking skin colour. In a poll of 136 evaluators  8 out of the 10 volunteers were judged to be healthier looking after the extra vegetables compared to photos taken before. When the photos were edited to show the colour change only (keeping hairstyles and expressions the same) all 10 volunteers were judged to be healthier after the intervention. This is the first time that changing diet has been shown to benefit real life appearance. The study was commissioned for a television programme looking at the most frequently bought fresh food items in Britain and what they do to our bodies. The BBC2 programme "Britain's favourite foods - are they good for you?" will be aired on BBC 2 from 9pm on Tuesday 14th April. Please note that the programme does not air until 23:50 on Scottish regional BBC 2, but will be available to stream live via iPlayer from 9pm on the 14th.

The team has also an associated web experiment, where viewers can see the 'before' and 'after' photos of themselves and decide which looks healthiest.

The link which could be used for social media updates is http://tinyurl.com/carrotsandpeppers