Thank you note following the EASTBIO Symposium 2016

A long series of thanks is due to a whole lot of people this year.

The EASTBIO team and community extends a warm thank you to the host university team - Judith and Joyce - and the student reps - Ara, Scott, Selma, Alex, Dave, Georgia - for their brilliant work designing, organising and delivering the EASTBIO Annual Symposium 2016. Their ideas, organisational skills and commitment throughtout the spring and summer terms but also on the two days of the event are largely the reason why the symposium worked so well. Thanks to our tweeting students too!

We also like to thank our guest speakers professors Luke Alphey and Nicola Clayton and artist-in-residence Clive Wilkins for their remarkable contributions to the Symposium programme.

A great thanks should go to the EASTBIO supervisors in attendance for their engagement in the proceedings for the two-day duration of the Symposium and especially to those who acted as judges for the different presentations of the three student cohorts. We are grateful to Caroline Pope, PIPS Coordinator and BBSRC representative Rob Hardwick for acting as judges for the separate assessment of our third-year student presentations of their PIPS projects.

Finally, we thank our students for their work in preparation of the Symposium presentations and for their lively contributions to the discussions and interactions during the formal and informal proceedings. We are proud of all your work and your involvement in the life of the EASTBIO community.

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Symposium; these are:

  • Scott McCrimmon (first year 2-minute talk)
    John Hunter Allan (second-year 10-minute talk)
    Sybille Mittmann (third-year poster presentation)
    Laura Glendinning (third-year PIPS poster presentation)