SysMIC course

SysMIC: Interdisciplinary Skills for Biological Research

Course overview

Watch a brief overview video, with Dr Gerold Baier (the contents of module 1; how to work; means of support for participants)

The course provides introductory and advanced training in maths and computing based around biological examples. Participants will gain an understanding of programming MATLAB to model and simulate biological systems, and the R package to run statistical analysis of results.

The course is open to researchers at all levels: from PhD students beginning their career through to established researchers wishing to improve their skills. It includes the necessary background for the mathematics covered and does not assume any previous experience in computer programming. Click on the icon above for full details of the syllabus.

SysMIC Brochure and Key information.

What students say about SysMIC (requires Vimeo sign-up).

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EASTBIO SysMIC provision 2022-23 (please read carefully):

EASTBIO students who are starting their PhD study in autumn 2022 are invited to apply for the EASTBIO-funded online SysMIC course (Module I). EASTBIO has secured a number of funded spaces for the SysMIC course worth £850 each, on a competitive basis. If your application is successful, you will have one year to complete the course (by the end of September 2023) and gain 20 points for Module I. You should discuss your application with your primary supervisor and secure their support before submitting the application to EASTBIO.

New students will have the opportunity to find out more about the SysMIC course via a virtual session delivered by Dr Gerold Baier at the Induction Day 2022.

We also encourage prospective applicants to contact EASTBIO students who have already completed the course in previous years - contact details available on request.

Please note that failure to complete the course within the deadline will affect your ability to fulfil the EASTBIO training requirement (of securing a minimum of 120 training points by the end of your first year of your PhD) and may carry a financial sanction.

To apply:

Download and fill in the EASTBIO SysMIC Application form and submit it to EASTBIO by the 4th of November 2022. The application form is filled and signed by both you and your primary supervisor.

For any further questions you may have, please email EASTBIO.

Content updated September 2022