Student Feedback on EASTBIO/BBSRC Research Experience Placements

Undergraduates who completed projects under the EASTBIO/BBSRC Reearch Experience Placement scheme in 2013 said:

"The experience and skills I've gained as part of a team has given me the more in terms of tangible value than anything else I've done at University. The nature of the competition gave me an experience in a much wider area than I think I would have had in a more  traditional placement. Seeing a project from the first idea, then considering its safety and potential commercialisation in the environment are things that not many placements give you the opportunity to do, and I appreciate the funding that has made this experience possible."

"From this project I gained a lot of experience in the techniques used in molecular biology labs, but it also gave me some insight into how to approach to the problem ‘scientifically’. For example, how to troubleshoot the problems, if experiments did not work; or how to generate a reliable data that is reproducible. Keeping a lab book and writing down everything that was done definitely helped me to improve those skills."