PIPS update (May 2016)

EASTBIO DTP PIPS Coordinator, Caroline Pope has recently reported on PIPS.

This is an exciting time for the new 2015 cohort of EASTBIO students. Many have innovative PIPS ideas. The deadline for submitting the ‘PIPS Planning Sheet’ is September 31st 2016. To help with this students are encouraged to

  • Read the 'EASTBIO brochure' and ‘PIPS Student Guide’
  • Agree PIPS timing with PhD supervisor
  • Review the skills audit to assess what skills and experience you wish to use PIPS to develop
  • Attend networking events and discuss with a Careers Advisor
  • Explore online existing 'Internship' schemes etc.

The 2014 cohort are busy approving their ‘PhD Internship Agreement’ which outlines the parties, roles and responsibilities and project details of their internship. Professional internships are being developed in Scottish organisations such as: Parkure, Ingenza, Snygenta, Elsevier, GSK, the Scottish Government as well as further afield in Canada and Germany. Congratulations to all of our 2013 cohort who have completed their PIPS and are now submitting the online the post ‘PIPS BBSRC DTP PIPS Placement Report’.