Paper on the benefits of doctoral internships by Dr Caroline Pope

EASTBIO DTP PIPS administrator Dr Caroline Pope has published a paper entitled "'Work wisdom' and the PhD: Exploring the Benefits of doctoral internships" on the Vitae website's Occasional Papers series.The article draws on research data from 65 postgraduate researchers from the EASTBIO DTP programme who carried out a doctoral internship as part of their doctoral training between 2013 and 2016. The research provides their views of emerging benefits of doctoral internships to Universities, employers and society at large.

The paper can be accessed via the Vitae website (for those who have individual or institutional Vitae membership) or found here.

The paper is based on a survey Dr Pope conducted, for which she was supported by the University of Edinburgh Principal's Teaching Award Scheme. It was presented at the workshop 'C2 - Professional internships for PhD researchers: An integral part of doctoral training', held at the Vitae Researcher Development International Conference, 8-9 September 2015, Manchester (Volume 3).