Year 3: Professional Training

Year 3 comprises the following basic elements:

  1. Professional Internships for PhD Students (PIPS; mandatory)
  2. Residential Student Retreat (Transferable skills; mandatory)
  3. Advanced core bioscience skills (optional)


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In year 3, you will be undertaking your PIPS, which you will have planned and prepared for in the first two years of your study. For more details, visit the PIPS page here.

The third year is kept mostly free from other mandatory training events, with the exception of students invited to share their unique PIPS experiences with fellow EASTBIO students, at the PIPS Q&A event (Dundee, 9 February 2018, 10:30-15:30) and the Symposium (Edinburgh, 11-12 June 2018).

2 EASTBIO Residential Student Retreat: Firbush, 11-13 April 2018 (please add these dates in your diary)

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About the event, in general:

EASTBIO will provide funding and support to student representatives to organise a 3rd-year Student Retreat at the Firbush Point Outdoor Centre, located on the south shore of Loch Tay near Killin. During the retreat, we expect you to discuss your research project, your future career plans and how you will stay in touch with EASTBIO and with each other after you finish your PhD. EASTBIO will provide additional support for these retreats should you decide to invite speakers or run a specific transferable skills workshop. The retreat also gives ample chance to relax and have fun with outdoor activities.


Photos from the 2017 event

Past events:

2017 Student Retreat
The 2017 retreat was organised by:

Omar Alfituri (University of Edinburgh)
James Clugston (University of Edinburgh)
Leili Soo (University of Aberdeen)

2016 Student Retreat

In 2016, the Student Retreat, organised by the third-year student reps, took place from the 1st to the 3rd of February, with a number of outdoors and social activities.

Third year EASTBIO students at the Firbush Centre (1-3 February 2016)