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16 Apr 2014

The theme for our Annual Research Symposium (University of Dundee, 28-29 August 2014) is Bioscience Research for the Future. Register via this link.

Confirmed speakers include Regius Professor of Life Sciences Mike Ferguson (University of Dundee) and Professor Keith Lindsey (University of Durham). The 2013 cohort will present posters and the 2012 cohort students will give a short talk about their research. There will also be a chance for students to workshop their plans for the PIPS. The symposium dinner and ceilidh will be held on Thursday 28th August. All students and supervisors are encouraged to attend.

The programme will be advertised here shortly.

Information for our students, below:
Poster session (first year students only)
Presentations (second year students only)

8 Apr 2014

Our Spring 2014 Newsletter is now available. Click here to view.

3 Apr 2014

Registration is now open to EASTBIO students and supervisors for our Annual Research Symposium (University of Dundee, Dalhousie Building, 28-29 August 2014).

The Symposium, addressed by Regius Professor of Life Sciences Mike Ferguson (University of Dundee), will feature presentations by our second-year students and poster presentations by first-year students, as well as talks by invited speakers for each of the four priority areas. The afternoon of the 29th features a workshop on the EASTBIO PIPS, with informal talks by students who have already done their placements.


Professor Mike Ferguson

27 Mar 2014

The EASTBIO Research Training for the priority area of Food Security was launched with an Introductory Day held on 2 April at the University of Aberdeen. For details about what the FS Training 2014/15 will cover, please click here.

25 Feb 2014

The EASTBIO Research Training for the priority area of Food Security was launched with an Introductory Day held on 2 April at the University of Aberdeen. For details about what the FS Training will cover, please click here.

10 Nov 2013

EASTBIO PhD Projects in Bioscience starting in Autumn 2014 are now advertised on our website -- to browse, please click here. More projects for doctoral research in the BBSRC priority areas (Bioenergy and Industrial Biotechnology, Basic Science Underpinning Health (Ageing), Food Security and World-Class Bioscience), based on one of the four EASTBIO partners, will soon be available online.

For more information and specific queries about the projects or how to apply, email

Available Projects
Please take a look at our EASTBIO PhD projects starting in autumn 2014. You can read through them all, search by keyword above or research theme/university below.
• Aberdeen (21)
• Dundee (18)
• Edinburgh (73)
• St Andrews (9)
• Basic Bioscience Underpinning Health (29)
• Bioenergy and Industrial Biotechnology (15)
• Food Security (27)
• Other World-Class Bioscience (50)

26 Oct 2013

Welcome to our new student representatives. Find out more about them here!

20 Oct 2013

The EASTBIO DTP Induction Day was held on Friday 18 October 2013, 10am-6pm at the lovely West Park Conference Centre in Dundee. The one-day event, attended by the new cohort of EASTBIO PhD students and the majority of their supervisors, provided an overall introduction to PhD requirements, key timelines, student representation, training requirements and development, as well as PIPS and eLearning within the EASTBIO Doctoral Training Partnership.

The slides from the Induction presentations can be found at the Student Resources; email the EASTBIO Administrator for the login details.

For any queries, write to us to

1 Sep 2013

Our Autumn 2013 Newsletter is now available. Click here to download.

30 May 2013

EASTBIO DTP offered a 2-day course on R/Bioconductor and Unix, held at the University of Edinburgh on 29-30 May 2013.

The course focused on the analysis of gene expression data from microarray and high-throughput sequencing platforms, using R, Bioconductor and Unix. Day 1 provided an introduction to data analysis approaches, principles and common pitfalls and an introduction to R, Bionductor and other resources for data analysis. Day 2 covered analysis of microarray gene expression data and of next-generation sequencing data (RNA-seq).

For more information on EastBio DTP courses, please email us.

18 Mar 2013

Dr Maria Filippakopoulou has joined EASTBIO DTP as Administrator, based at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh.

With a humanities background (comparative literature and translation), Maria has worked at centres of excellence of the University of Edinburgh such as the Applied Quantitative Methods Network, School of Law and the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, as well as the British Centre for Literary Translation at the University of East Anglia.

Bringing along her experience in organising academic events and training through such roles, she is delighted to work with EASTBIO partners and stakeholders to deliver on its important programme.

5 Mar 2013

The BBSRC has allocated the EASTBIO Doctoral Training Partnership 9 funded Research Experience Placements (REP) this summer for projects in Healthy Ageing, Food Security, Biotech & Bioenergy and World-class Underpinning Bioscience. The aim of these placements is to give talented undergraduates professional experience in a research environment, particularly useful for anyone considering a career in academic or industrial research. Each REP provides £200 per week stipend for a research project of up to 10 weeks.

To apply, you should email a supervisor you would like to work with at the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh or St Andrews with a view to undertaking a REP in their research group. We recommend that if you do not already know your prospective supervisor, you attach a CV and in your email outline very briefly why you feel you would be interested in pursuing a REP under their supervision. Your prospective supervisor then needs to complete an application form by 28th February 2014. We hope to be able to announce the outcome of the competition by the end of March 2014.

20 Jan 2013

The University of Aberdeen has advertised three additional EastBio DTP projects for one fully-funded PhD studentship to be awarded by EastBio DTP:

• Exploring and Exploiting the Biosynthesis of Myriocin, a Potent Fungal Metabolite
• Building Biologically-based Micon-scale Structures out of Lignin
• Newly Generated HMGB1-Inhibitors as a Novel Neuroprotective Treatment

Please check regularly the website for updates on available opportunities.

15 Jan 2013

The EASTBIO Research Training for the Bioenergy & Industrial Biotechnology priority area was launched with a meeting on 13 January 2013 and its online sessions started on Friday 7 March 2014. You can find out more details in the course schedule.

Email us your feedback or questions at

20 Oct 2012

Wednesday 17th October saw the 35 new BBSRC-funded EASTBIO Doctoral Training Partnership students and their supervisors gather in Dundee for our first annual Induction Day.

The day was a great opportunity for everyone to meet each other and to hear introductory talks from the Academic Management Group, including Professor Clare Blackburn, Dr Den Barrault, Dr Bernadette Connolly and Professor Paul Crocker. The afternoon was spent in breakout discussion groups based around our research themes: Food Security, Industrial Biotechnology, Lifelong Health & Wellbeing and World Class Underpinning Bioscience. The day ended with a drinks reception and was kindly hosted and organised by the University of Dundee.

27 Sep 2012

Our first cohort of EASTBIO students will be starting in their home institutions over the next few weeks. We are looking forward to meeting them at our EASTBIO Induction Day on Wednesday 17th October 2012 in Dundee.