Lorenzo Croce (University of Aberdeen) - First podcast

Lorenzo Croce is a first-year PhD student at the University of Aberdeen, working with Professor Peter McCaffery on a Collaborative project, "Rethinking the retinoic acid receptor: a revisionary view of the rapid pathways triggered."

Lorenzo had recently had his first podcast interview, with Dr Mhairi Towler, founder and CEO of Vivomotion, to be listened to via this link. Lorenzo's interview offers a little life recap and a forward thinking wish for the future of science. As Mhairi said, the podcast are likely to be of general interest to PhD students as each episode highlights a different career in science.

Lorenzo thought that the best part are the last 5 minute and his answer to the final question - "How to reframe failure for positive outcomes". Enjoy!

EASTBIO thanks our regular coach collaborator Dr Mhairi Towler for kindly sharing this podcast with EASTBIO and to Lorenzo for recording his perspective and communicating with us.