Impact Podcast: Early life stress in quails, by Dave Walker

We met up earlier in Aberdeen to discuss 'delivering research to society', the focus of the EASTBIO Annual Symposium (11-12 June 2017). How apt then to receive fresh news about our very own David Walker and his latest impact podcast!

Dave, third-year PhD student at the University of St Andrews and an EASTBIO student rep (2014-2015), spoke on the 10th of June to Julie Ann Lough from NeuroEndoNow, 'the pulse for neuroendocrinologists', an impact-focused website supported by the International Journal of Neuroendocrinology. The impact case regards Dave's research, using Japanese Quails to understand impacts of pre- and post-natal stress.

Listen to his podcast here.

On the 12th of June, Dave also won the EASTBIO Symposium prize for best abstract (research project from a societal point perspective) in his cohort (pictured here with Selma Gulyurtlu). Congratulations, Dave on both accounts!