How to engage with EASTBIO

If you are a student:

  • share your experience of EASTBIO with us
  • volunteer to be a student rep or an EDI student rep
  • volunteer to guest-edit our monthly Newsletter
  • send us a personal narrative for the website
  • provide feedback on your experience from the training you've taken and suggest ways to improve on the delivery of our training and skills events

 Email us

If you are a supervisor:

  • share your experience of EASTBIO with us
  • share ideas about how we could improve our training programme and increase the potential for collaborations and interaction within and outwith EASTBIO
  • Email us
  • If you are a non-academic organisation:
  • offer an internship
  • develop a joint studentship project with one of our supervisors
  • develop training relevant to careers in your field with us
  • contact us to see how we can assist you with these or any other ideas you have