Hear it from our students

Each year, we carry out a survey to gather information about our students' experiences and expectations of EASTBIO. We aim to use such responses to feed into future training planning and to inform our approach to community building.

Here is a sample of what our students said in 2013:

"We really enjoy our work and are really enjoying being EASTBIO students. It's nice to know people are in the same situation and to have access to people doing very different things/at different institutions. We agree that the 5000 pounds for research is excellent: it allows us to get the best equipment and has a big impact on the types of experiments we can do. Moreover, it allows for collaborations between other labs and is able to cover travelling costs."

"Very pleased so far with the training I received. I learned many new things and gained lots of new skills during this year, but I think that the more, the merrier! So from next year I expect more from myself, the University and of course EASTBIO as well."

About PIPS -- "This is one of the most exciting parts of the programme and this really DOES stand out against the normal funding stream."

PIPS, again -- "The opportunity to do the PIPS is fantastic. Being fully aware of the number of people going on to be full time academics, it makes so much sense and I am grateful that this is taken into account and supported by the BBSRC EASTBIO."