EASTBIO In Vivo Skills Travel Bursary


EASTBIO DTP invites applications from EASTBIO-funded PhD students in their first or second year who need advanced In Vivo Skills training. BBSRC defines advanced In Vivo Skills training as research skills where a major component of the work involves:

•          experimentation in whole, living protected animals as defined in the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 in order to understand normal and abnormal biological/ psychological mechanisms.

•          developing and applying sophisticated physiological, immunological, pharmacological and behavioural observations.

EASTBIO bursaries are intended to provide additional funding for travel for first and second-year students involved in a research project with an In Vivo Skills training element and who require to travel to receive the relevant training or benefit from collaborations to assist with their research project.

Funds allocated may be used for travel, accommodation or conference registration with the aim of securing relevant training in In Vivo Skills. Travel arrangements should be as economical as possible, in accordance with the local institution expenses regulations. Relevant receipts will be required upon completion of successful projects via a brief Final Report due within three months from completion.

Bursary conditions

  • The value of each bursary will not exceed £400. The review committee hopes to fund the maximum number of eligible students to enable them to access relevant training. However, the committee maintains the right to fund in excess of this limit if a rigorous case is made.
  • The funds must be awarded in advance of any travel/training undertaken. Retrospective applications will not be considered.
  • For conference attendance, applicants are expected to present their work. Applications should include conference details, rationale for participation, and benefits to the project (i.e. exposure to In Vivo expertise, significant networking and relationship-building opportunities).
  • All applications must be supported by the student primary supervisor or supervisory team. Advice about application may also be sought from the relevant local institution Academic leads for EASTBIO.
  • There are no deadlines for this scheme; the call will remain open until the autumn of 2022.
  • Students should first discuss their application with their supervisor, then complete the EASTBIO Application form, below, and submit it to EASTBIO enquiries.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the EASTBIO Management Group members and outcomes will be notified by the EASTBIO Support Officer within a maximum of ten days after acknowledgement of receipt of application.
  • Once successful applicants are notified by EASTBIO, they should make arrangements for their proposed travel and notify EASTBIO of the exact travel times or details of the proposed training event or activities. Projects funded by this scheme will have to be carried out, and all expenses completed by the end of January 2023. Any unspent monies should be returned to the EASTBIO.
  • A Final Report must be submitted to EASTBIO no later than three months after the event. This report should detail how the bursary was spent, summarising concrete benefits gained by the student in terms of the training received and its impact on their research project.



To apply for a bursary, please download the EASTBIO Application Form, complete and submit to EASTBIO. There is no deadline and the call will remain open to potential applications until the autumn of 2022