EASTBIO Placements Q&A

Each year, first-year students join the DTP Manager to learn more about the EASTBIO professional internships (PIPS scheme), discuss options, support and requirements, as well as consider experiences from actual placements. The event includes a general introduction and short 10 minutes-long presentations by a number of third- and fourth-year EASTBIO students who have already completed their placements and have volunteered to speak about their placement experiences and discuss with first-year students, who consider options and set about to start planning their own placements.

From the EASTBIO Q&A event - Dundee, Wellcome Trust Seminar Rooms, 4 February 2020

EASTBIO Placements Q&A session 2023

  • Collaborative Placements Q&A session - online, 1 February 2023, 13:30-14:40
  • PIPS Q&A session - online, 2 February 2023, 10:00-11:30
  • Student Presentations on PIPS experiences - online, 2 February 2023, 12:30-16:30


These sessions are mandatory for all students who started their PhD in October 2022 and their supervisors will also be invited to attend (Teams links will be sent directly to students and supervisors by EASTBIO). Collaborative students are invited to attend the Student Presentations on the 2nd of February. All relevant materials - the Student Guide, relevant forms and Collaborative guidance - will be shared with students in advance via a password-protected shared folder link.

Email EASTBIO if you have any questions about these sessions.