EASTBIO Placements Q&A

Each year, first-year students join Dr Caroline Pope, our Doctoral Training and Industry Engagement Manager, to learn more about the EASTBIO placements, discuss possibilities and options, as well as examples from actual placements. The event includes an introduction by Dr Pope and short 10 minute-long presentations by EASTBIO students who have already completed their placements and have volunteered to speak to first-year students who consider options and set about to start planning their own placements.

From the EASTBIO Q&A event - Dundee, Wellcome Trust Seminar Rooms, 4 February 2020

PIPS/Placements Q&A - Provisional dates for the 2020 student cohort:

•    Monday 1st of February (13.30-15.00pm) Online session for students on managing their Collaborative Studentship Placement (not those with standard studentships)
•    Tuesday 2nd of February (9.30 to 16:00, with screen breaks) - The session includes a 1.5-hour online session for students on managing their PIPS (other students do not need to attend this part), as well as a number of EASTBIO PIPS student presentations (attended by all students, including students doing Collaborative studentships).

The schedule and details for each day will be sent directly to our students.