Distinction for three EASTBIO PhD students at the ISAE conference 2016

The International Society of Avian Endocrinology (ISAE) held its quadrennial conference from October 11-14 2016 at Niagara-on-the-lake in Ontario, Canada. ISAE is an event which takes place every four years in a rotation system between Asia, Europe, and America, and is dedicated to showcase up-to-date advancements in the field of avian endocrinology, while bringing together scientists from all over the world. With a combination of plenary lectures, symposia, and poster sessions, ISAE2016 is the ideal venue to meet other scientists and exchange information on a wide range of avian species. Topics discussed include, endocrinology of behaviour, endocrine disruptors, neuro-endocrine control of reproduction, feeding and metabolism, circadian rhythms and clock genes.

Three of our EASTBIO students, Angus Reid (University of Edinburgh, supervisor  Dr Ian Dunn), Georgia Longmoor (University of Edinburgh & St Andrews, supervisors Drs Simone Meddle & Karen Spencer) and David Walker (University of St Andrews, supervisors Drs Karen Spencer & Sue Healy) had the opportunity to present their work by delivering 15-20 minute presentations at the conference.

David, supervised by Dr Karen Spencer and Dr Sue Healy, presented work describing how early-life stress induces long-term effects on systems regulating stress and immune responses within the central nervous system of female Japanese quail (Corturnix japonica). David came away from the conference with the first prize for best student presentation.