Advanced technology training

Most courses offered by the partner universities are available to EASTBIO students across the partnership. These include, but are not limited to:

Microscopy: UoE, UoD and UoA.
Genetic Engineering & Genome analysis: UoE
Proteomics and protein purification: UoE.
Protein crystallography: UoStA.
Mass spectrometry: UoE.
Flow cytometry: UoA, UoD, UoE.

For further details about each course on offer click on the heading.

1. Microscopy
Advanced practical courses in light, confocal and 2-photon microscopy.

• University of Aberdeen - Details here.

• University of Dundee - Details here.

• University of Edinburgh - Details here.

The Edinburgh Super Resolution Imaging Consortium (ESRIC) runs a summer school in Super-Resolution imaging techniques, which is open to all EASTBIO students. For info see here.

Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology runs a number of courses at various times during the year.
Further info here.

2. Edinburgh Genomics training
Location: University of Edinburgh
Further informarion here.

3. Proteomics and protein purification
Location: University of Edinburgh
Further details here.

4. Protein crystallography summer school
Location: University of St Andrews
Further information here.

5. Mass spectrometry
Location: University of Edinburgh
Further information here.

6. Flow cytometry
University of Aberdeen - Details here.
University of Dundee - Details here.
University of Edinburgh - Details here.