Advanced technology training

Most courses offered by the partner universities are available to EASTBIO students across the partnership. These include, but are not limited to:

Microscopy: UoE, UoD and UoA.
Genetic Engineering & Genome analysis: UoE
Proteomics and protein purification: UoE.
Protein crystallography: UoStA.
Mass spectrometry: UoE.
Flow cytometry: UoA, UoD, UoE.

For further details about each course on offer click on the heading.

1. Microscopy
Advanced practical courses in light, confocal and 2-photon microscopy.

• University of Aberdeen - Details tbc.

• University of Dundee - Details tbc.

• University of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Super Resolution Imaging Consortium (ESRIC) runs a summer school in Super-Resolution imaging techniques, which is open to all EASTBIO students. For info see here.

Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology runs an Advanced Microscopy Course. Registration opens 1st October every year. The course is usually held in the first week of November.
Contact David Kelly for information.

2. Genetic Engineering & Genome analysis, 2 week course
Location: University of Edinburgh, venue TBC
Dates: December 2017 date TBC (2-weeks course)
Course summary TBA here.
For further information, contact Caroline Proctor.

3. Proteomics and protein purification
Location: University of Edinburgh

A SULSA-supported practical course in protein expression, purification and characterisation, including an array of biophysical analysis techniques is available twice a year at the Edinburgh Protein Production Facility. The Edinburgh Protein Production Facility (EPPF) provides researchers with access to state-of-the-art equipment and expertise for rapid protein production. The SULSA-supported EPPF labs, located at the University of Edinburgh, include a purification suite, an extensive core column and chromatography resin library, high throughput robotic cloning and screening facilities, incubation areas, a tissue culture suite, and a set of core wet labs with access to automated cell lysis, centrifugation, and analysis instrumentation. Users of the EPPF benefit from the expertise of facility staff, including a SULSA technologist, who are highly trained in protein expression and purification.

Details TBA soon.

4. Protein crystallography
Location: University of St Andrews.

A one-week summer school in protein crystallography is held every year. The course aims to cover the theoretical and practical aspects of protein crystallography from protein expression and purification, through crystal growth to data collection on in-house and synchrotron sources, phasing methods (MAD, SAD, IR, MR using SHELX, PHASER, SOLVE etc.), automated model building and phase extension (e.g. ARP/wARP, BUCCANEER, SHELXE, RESOLVE), refinement (e.g. REFMAC, SHELX) and validation. Hands-on sessions on data integration (MOSFLM), molecular replacement (CCP4i), MAD/SAD phasing (SHELX) and electron density map interpretation (COOT) will be included, as well as remote data collection at a synchrotron.
Further info here.

5. Mass spectrometry
Location: University of Edinburgh

A practical 2-part course in preparation and analyses of protein samples for a variety of mass spectrometry applications is available twice a year.

Contact Caroline Proctor for further information.

6. Flow cytometry
University of Aberdeen - Details tbc.
University of Dundee - Details tbc.
University of Edinburgh - Details tbc.