2018 NPIF Skills School ‘Broadening Horizons: Cultivating an Innovative Mind Set’

NPIF Skills School ‘Broadening Horizons: Cultivating an Innovative Mind Set’

Edinburgh, 4 - 5 June 2018

This skills school “Broadening Horizons: Cultivating an Innovative Mind Set” has been developed by the BBSRC EASTBIO DTP and the BBSRC IBioIC CTP in partnership and close collaboration with 5 industry facilities: the IBioIC Flexible Downstream Bioprocessing Centre, Edinburgh (FlexBio); the National Phenotypic Screening Centre, Dundee; BioAscent / the European Screening Centre, Biocity, Newhouse; the Edinburgh Genome Foundry; and the Roslin Cell Therapies Ltd GMP facility, Edinburgh.  It draws on expertise and know-how from these complementary partners to address industry-identified needs and skills gaps.

Event programme.

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Video from the Skills School at the University of Edinburgh School of Biological Sciences You Tube channel.

What participants can expect

We have reached out to the broader research and user community and PhD students and postdocs from the following programs will be attending:

  • BBSRC EASTBIO DTP students
  • IBioIC CTP students and postdocs
  • EPSRC MRC CDT in Optical Medical Imaging students
  • MRC Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme
  • EPSRC CDT in Data Science students
  • EPSRC CDT in Intelligent Sensing and Measurement
  • Postdocs across Scottish Universities prioritising BBSRC-funded

We hope the programme will initiate academia-industry links that may inform future research directions, build links between the training partnerships that will translate into future training offers, and link DTP and CTP cohorts with expected impact on future career and trajectories.

Skills School objectives are to:

  • Provide a clear understanding of the UK Bioscience/Biotechnology, Leading Edge Healthcare and Accelerating Therapeutics sectors, including current research and innovation challenges, through direct engagement with senior industry professionals. 
  • Raise awareness of career opportunities and trajectories, how skills gained in doctoral/postdoctoral training could transfer into, and what additional skills would be required for competitive entry into, a range of industry careers.
  • Stimulate inter-disciplinary thinking, inform and facilitate career choices and initiate professional networks.
  • Familiarise delegates with opportunities, and train them in specific procedures and standard practice in an industry sector related to their research or career ambitions.